Why next week?

It's a choice
Shellfish like langoustine, lobster and crab have two main characteristics (apart from being so tasty!): 1) they are rather quickly perishable foods and 2) their supply is very dependent on the weather at sea. The implications are detailed below:
1) Shellfish start to deteriorate very quickly after they died. So one way to maintain them longer before eating is to keep them alive (which is not easy unless you use oxygenated seawater tanks) or freeze them. At Langoustine the box, we didn’t go either way but choose instead to shorten the time between landing and delivery. That’s why we choose to limit our delivery area to the East of Fife. And that’s why we are using insulated boxes, inside which the shellfish you ordered is placed on ice. So that you can get the freshest shellfish, at your door!
2) To get shellfish in your plate, you first need a fisherman whose job is to catch it, whatever the weather is, which is a hard job…. Hard enough not to risk their lives fishing by a raging sea! So, sometimes, because of bad weather, fishermen don’t go out fishing, and we won’t have shellfish to offer you. To minimize disturbance to consumers, we have decided to take only orders to be delivered during the following week. This week long period is what we need to get orders sorted and check with the fishermen (and the Met Office!) if they do think that they will be able to fish in the coming days. A longer time scale for order would have been too unpredictable, (Scottish) weather-wise.

What we believe in

We are convinced of the benefits of fresh seafood locally landed and locally consumed on...
...your health:
Adding shellfish to your weekly diet is recommended as they are low in fat (and very little of the fat they contain is saturated fat), low in cholesterol and a good source of protein.
...your local economy:
By buying seafood through us, you are guaranteed to receive only shellfish that have been landed in the East Neuk, so you are supporting the local economy and providing for fishermen and fishing communities of the East Neuk. Indeed, fishermen will get a better price supplying you with their catch than wholesaling it to seafood processors.
...your environment:
If you live in Fife, buying shellfish from us will ensure that they have low food miles and thereby a reduced carbon footprint and lessen the impact on the environment. To reduce it further, we have chosen to use PP (Polypropylene) boxes, from Cool Seal (check their website if you want to know more), rather than EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) ones, because the first are easier to recycle and cost less energy to do so.
...your well-being:
Because langoustines, lobsters and crabs are so tasty and you will be so proud to cook delicious meals all by yourself (you will see, it's not difficult)!

How it started

It wasn't so long ago...
My name is Clement and I launched Langoustine the box in March 2017 with the aim to provide Fife consumers with fresh shellfish caught by local fishermen. After working with the Fishermen’s Mutual Association in Pittenweem in 2015, I realized that there was significant demand for locally sourced shellfish amongst Fife consumers, however there is not so many ways for locals to get them. As a Frenchman, naturally passionate for fine food (a cliché, I know) I decided then to start-up Langoustine the box, a fresh shellfish delivery business, in order to re-connect locals with the amazing seafood you can find off Fife's coast!